It’s More Than Just a Garage Door

Let’s face it: a garage isn’t just a garage. Ask any guy whos married and he’ll tell you it’s true. For instance, at my house my family knows that when I’m in the garage, I’m relaxing, I’m watching the game, I’m off work. It’s my home away from the inside of the house (that’s my wife’s home).

If I’m not focused on the game, then in my garage I’m fixing something – I’m solving house problems that only I can understand. I need my space to be comfortable, and I don’t have the time to search through my lifetime collection of tools for garage door parts as I worry about a garage accident shutting down my man cave. I love my space, but most importantly, my garage must be a safe place for my kids to play, a dry, storage area for all the stuff that won’t fit inside the house, and a natural burglar deterrent.

My garage must be a safe place for my kids to play, a dry, storage area for all the stuff that won’t fit inside the house, and a natural burglar deterrent.

What we’ve found with most of our customers is that homeowners are often left unprepared when something as fundamental as the garage door breaks down. But when it eventually fails, the safety and security of your home disappears.

When your family’s safety is at risk, you want the problem solved the right way, right away.

Helping clients to create a safer home environment is our mission, and we believe that safety awareness is a key element towards prevention and maintenance. But before you decide to buy a new garage door or to fix your broken one with spare parts from your tool bag, please keep reading for some tips that will save you time and money, and that will get you back in the garage, where you belong.

Tips of the Trade to Save Your Cave

Tool Box #1: The Power Tools

The Tools: As all guys know, before you try to take apart or fix anything that runs on battery or electricity, double-check the batteries or power cord. The same stands with your garage door. The parts that work together to power the door are the garage door opener (usually located on the ceiling), the inverter and battery (back-up for DC current), and the garage remote controller.

Warning Signs: Your garage door is making clicking, grinding, or squeaky sounds or not opening/closing smoothly. If you’ve tested the remote’s batteries and made sure your electricity is running, then there’s a possibility that the garage door opener may be malfunctioning. Check the breaker panel, make sure the antenna wire is properly exposed and check for dead transmitters or worn gears. If you suspect that your garage door may be failing because of one of these issues, contact a garage door service professional for assistance.

Tool Box #2: Moving Parts

A pulleyThe Tools: If it’s not moving, it’s not working. The parts of your garage door that create movement consist of the hinges, drive mechanisms, tracks, torsion springs, spring brackets, and rollers.

Warning Signs: Time and weather can cause hinges and tracks to rust, and poor lubrication will erode the drive mechanism until it wears out. You can indefinitely postpone purchasing a replacement if you adhere to a consistent maintenance schedule, but after time, most garage door parts should be replaced by a qualified expert in the field.

Tool Box # 3: Safety Features

The Tools: “If she ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” Keep your garage and your marriage safe with the safekeeping of your garage door. On a regular basis, check the bottom seal (strip of black rubber between floor and door), safety sensors (LED-lit, box-enclosed sensors), cables (protection for springs), and the keypad (home security). With regular maintenance of your garage’s safety features, you can eliminate almost all possibilities of break-ins, and that means a good night’s sleep for the whole family.

Example of rust on a garage doorWarning Signs: Many factors, including power, weather, debris, rust, faulty hinges, or substandard parts can cause the malfunction of your garage’s safety features and thus raise the chance for garage door accidents. Call a professional immediately if you suspect that your garage is not secure.


Maintaining Your Garage Door Parts Saves Time and Money

We’ve learned through the years that taking the time to maintain your garage door parts today can help you save a lot of money tomorrow. If you are having trouble diagnosing your garage door, check out this complete guide or call a local professional who will help walk you through the process. Make sure to find a company who uses top-quality parts combined with experienced technicians who will get the job done the right way, the first time.