Garage Door Installation

About CSS Garage Doors

Since 2009, our company has been locally owned and operated in Kennesaw, Georgia. We’ve helped helped hundreds of homeowners throughout the metro Atlanta area. CSS Garage Doors has rapidly become the most trusted name in the Atlanta overhead garage door industry. Our full-service team specializes in every type of garage door repair, replacement and installation.

For simple repairs like torsion spring replacements, our team carries a truck loaded with the most reliable parts at all times. For more serious jobs like an eye-catching renovation of your garage door, we can make these dreams a reality, crafting a custom garage door to meet the style and elegance of your home. As always, your satisfaction is what motivates us. So we take a personalized approach that keeps the entire project in budget.

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Our Name

CSS Garage Doors was founded on a set of principles that inspire us to be the best business possible.
Day in and day out, we do our best to help our community, maintain excellence in the workplace, and make every customer happy they chose our team. What does our name, CSS Garage Doors, stand for?

  • Cornerstone: Christ is the cornerstone of our business and our families. Biblical principles are the foundation of our team, driving us to be our best at all times.
  • Service: An act of assistance performed with humility we understand the importance of your garage door and won’t charge an arm and a leg for this much-need service.
  • Specialists: The strength of our team is no greater than the sum of our parts. Every CSS technician is highly trained and insured to guarantee that only the best in the business are working on your garage.

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Core Values

Businesses today often get mixed up in the pursuit of money that they forget what makes their company great. For us, customers are the driving force behind our team. When repeat customers call us again and again for garage door maintenance, or when a family is truly amazed by their new garage door panels, it makes our job worthwhile and rewarding. Your satisfaction is what motivates our team.

  • Quality: If we are going to take the time to fix your garage door, we might as well do it right. From the first time we step into your garage, we use only the finest materials and longest lasting parts to ensure that your garage door is hassle-free for years to come. Our durable products exceed industry standards to deliver high-quality performance every time.
  • Integrity: For so many garage door contractors, hidden costs are the norm. Until your final bill, you may not realize that there were additional charges for things like transportation and equipment. We never add hidden fees and you can trust that our prices are some of the lowest in the industry. As a third-party installer, we aren’t tied to a single manufacturer, so we can give objective, trustworthy advice about the brands and models you should buy.
  • Service: Not only are we garage door experts, but we are also customer service professionals. We guarantee a timely and efficient repair for any kind of project. If there is ever any kind of delay, we are sure to keep you informed throughout the process. Our team is happy to answer any of your questions or modify our plans until it meets your budget and expectations.

Setting a higher standard is never easy, but it is a goal that we are determined to reach. If our team didn’t live up to your expectations, we welcome all feedback via email or phone. Contact us today for a free estimate or more information about CSS Garage Doors.