Roswell Garage Door Repair

Throughout Roswell, GA, there is one garage door service team that homeowners trust more than anyone else in the business: CSS Garage Doors & Openers. Our team has been owned and operated in the Atlanta area for decades, so we have the experience and precision to craft a garage door that enhances the look of your home at an affordable price.

Why should you choose CSS Garage Doors? The simplest answer is our commitment to customer satisfaction. On review sites across the web, we have achieved hundreds of five-star ratings from real-life customers. Our success is attributed to one thing only: never finishing the job until you are completely happy with the results. Our straightforward pricing guarantee also means that your final bill isn’t filled with hidden costs or charges.

For any Roswell homeowners, we develop a garage door plan that keeps you in budget while still providing the best products and service available. To check out some of our results, check out the CSS Garage Door photo gallery or simply ask a neighbor.

Our licensed and insured staff takes a personable approach with every customer and our business is predicated on the long-term reliability of your garage door. If you ever encounter a problem with your CSS-installed garage door, simply give us a call and we will promptly correct it.

Roswell Garage Door Repair 

At CSS Garage Doors, garage door repair & garage door opener repair specialists, we repair all makes and models of residential and commercial garage doors and openers. Roswell garage door repair & Roswell garage door opener repair is our specialty.
At CSS Garage Doors, we never cut corners. We want your garage door to work smoothly and safely. When it comes to Roswell garage door repair and garage door opener repair, we do it all from off track doors, torsion spring replacement, roller replacement, automatic garage door opener repair, or replacing garage door sections.

Garage doors are the largest moving part of a house and can be very heavy, often going years without proper maintenance. These days people use their garage door more than ever. When your overhead garage door breaks it is important to have it fixed right, or you will wind up with serious problems in the future. It is laughable what some garage door companies would consider good garage door repair, but at CSS Garage Doors we guarantee we will do the job right. We’ll get the job done right the first time. We are the #1 Roswell garage door repair professionals with many years of experience repairing garage doors the right way.

Roswell Garage Door Repair Maintenance

You do not have to wait until your car is stuck in your garage to have it checked out. In fact, regular maintenance on your door system can save you money over the long haul while bringing you peace of mind. Overhead garage doors (also known as sectional roll up doors) have many moving parts (bearings, rollers, pulleys, cables, extension springs, and torsion springs) and are often used frequently throughout the day. If you are wondering if your door needs a little TLC, here are some tips to help you decide if your Roswell home needs garage door repair.

Inspect: Look over your door. As some parts wear down, they stretch, crack, wobble, or fray before they break. The bolts and screws holding everything together can loosen over time. The sections of the door can rot, separate, and fall apart. If something looks out of place to you, have it checked out. Do not touch your door parts as you do this.

Listen: A noisy door system is more than just annoying. If your door is getting louder it is trying to tell you something. Every sound is a vibration; often caused by grinding, scraping, and harmful friction. Not every noise coming from your door indicates you need garage door repair, but if your door is turning into a dreadful symphony that wakes the neighbor’s dogs, you should have it checked out.

Watch: If your door is bouncing, shimmying, and shaking its way shut, it should be looked at. It is hard on your opener because it does not know how to adjust for sudden changes in pressure, and it runs a higher risk of jamming when it is not moving in a consistent pattern. These jams can often lead to catastrophic failure in your door system that has the potential of damaging even heavy duty door sections.

Feel: It is easy to take your garage door opener for granted. We hit that button day after day and we expect it to go up without a hitch. Consider giving it a break every once in a while and operate it the old-fashioned way. If it takes a big effort to get it up or down by hand, your door is out of balance. Standard residential doors can weigh well over 300 pounds and your opener is not designed to be the muscle of the operation. While the torque on most units can be adjusted, maximizing these settings is not safe and will eventually compound the real problem with additional repairs. For safety reasons, you never want to pull the opener disconnect while the door is in the up position.

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