When you get home from work every day and park your car in the garage, or at least go through the garage to get to the house, what do you do next? Do you simply close it, leaving it to defend itself? Even with a power door, this is not enough to stop a determined thief. If you have a manual garage door, it is definitely not enough; even your bar lock could be compromised. Keep reading to learn some simple garage door security tips.

There are some who would tell you that nothing short of iron doors on every opening, turning your home into a fortress, will deter thieves. While this is true to some level, most burglars are looking for a quick smash-and-grab job. For a weaker door, a simple crowbar or a good few kicks is enough to gain access to your home. Here are some garage door security ideas to help prevent a break-in.

Don’t Make It Easy

Inside-the-perimeter, Atlanta residents know to keep their homes locked up tight. But when you are in a suburb outside the perimeter, you become accustomed to seeing the friendly faces of your neighbors every day. This builds a sense of security that could make it seem like you can leave your garage door open without consequence. This turns a garage door break-in into a simple garage door walk-in.

When it comes to controlling your powered door, keep your openers secure. Never leave a remote in your vehicle, especially if you park in the driveway. For further security, use a keychain remote instead of a visor one, so you always have it with you.

Find a Good Lock

Whether powered or manual, your garage door will have some kind of lock on it. Experienced thieves know how to manipulate these and gain easy access to your home. In order to increase your garage door?security, install a deadbolt lock or two to make sure thieves cannot easily break in to your home.

When you are out of town, your house becomes a prime target of theft. Lock down your throw latch with a padlock to make sure thieves can’t break in. This, in addition to the security system installed on your home already, can deter burglars better than nearly anything else.

Make Simple Upgrades to Increase Garage Door Security

If a thief is going to go through with a garage door break-in, they want to know if they are getting anything good. A simple, easy deterrent is to frost or otherwise cover your garage windows. This prevents anyone from looking in and seeing if you have any valuables in there. In addition, it prevents them from seeing if you are home or not.

Another easy solution is to put a peephole on the door leading to the garage. That way, if you hear strange noises, you can simply look out into the garage and see if it’s a thief without potentially putting your life in danger by opening the door.

Of course, one of the best deterrents against a garage door break-in is to ensure your garage door is in top shape. A strong, sturdy door will prevent it from being kicked down. In addition, regular maintenance on your mechanical hardware can make it much more difficult to force the door open than if springs and locks are rusted or otherwise corroded.

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