There are many different styles of homes on the market today. If you have a special style for the exterior of your home, wouldn’t you want your garage door to match? Thankfully, with a number of garage door styles out there, you can find the door that will not only match your home, but boost your curb appeal as well.

Here are just a few of the different garage door styles that are offered for homes. These varying kinds of doors can provide your home with style and beauty, without sacrificing security or durability.


If you have a shed, separate garage or just love that industrial-look, then a rollup garage door could be the choice for you. Made of sturdy metals, such as steel, rollup garage doors can protect the contents of your garage.

Typically, this style of garage door does not come electric. However, if you feel as if you would benefit more from having an electric garage door, you could invest in a motor for your rollup, or you could opt for a new door altogether.


Like the rollup, mostly any garage door style can be electric. In today?s world, having an electric garage can increase the convenience of your life. When you return home from work, for example, you can hit a simply button that will open your garage for you.

Unlike rollup doors, panel and custom doors can retreat inside your garage without physically rolling up. Electric garage doors can also improve the security of your garage and home, and protect your car from the elements.

Raised Panel

Probably the most common and popular types of garage door styles is the raised panel door. If you are looking for a mixture of durability, reliability and beauty, this is the model for you.

This style has been in fashion for a while. We don’t expect the raised panel garage door to lose its popularity any time soon. Most models come with the iconic rectangular panels. However, there are several styles and colors you can choose from in the raised panel family.

Stamped Carriage

This style of garage door looks like the homeowner plucked it right off of a barn you would find in America?s earlier days. With wooden-like panels and wrought iron hinges, stamp carriage doors are sure to add to the pre-existing beauty of your home.

Don’t let the looks of this garage door style fool you. Your home can look great, without costing you the reliability of a sturdy garage door.

Custom Garage Door

If none of these other styles meet your fancy, you can consider installing a custom garage door. By adding your own style to a customized garage door, you can incorporate colors and textures to your home that no one else has.

For instance, if you love the look of a wooden garage door, you can have a steel garage door installed that was painted to look like wood. That way, you can have the style that you love while still enhancing the durability of your garage door.

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