Many older homes in Atlanta, Georgia were built with open carports instead of a closed garage with garage doors. Did you know that you can increase your house value when you enclose your carport with garage doors?

Increase Security with Garage Doors

Having an open carport is like inviting a thief to look through your car.  When you enclose your carport with garage doors, your car and whatever else you store in the area is safe. In urban settings like Atlanta, security is important.

Increase Your Home’s Value

By framing in that old carport and adding a nice new garage door, not only are you securing your house, but you are also adding value and curb appeal to your property. Did you know that a new garage door is the number one home improvement that pays for itself when you sell your house?

CSS Garage Doors has a great deal of experience closing in carports. We are a garage door company that also specializes in carpentry and windows. When we enclose a carport, our number one priority is making the new addition match the original construction. We always attempt to match the new siding with the old siding. In addition, flush plank siding usually looks great on older brick homes because they match the facia boards around the roof line.

Garage Door Options for Atlanta

We have access to all of the major garage door suppliers in the Atlanta area, so finding the right garage door for you will not be a problem. Garage doors have come a long way over the years, and there are too many potential styles to mention. A basic stamped raised panel garage door is the most common style which comes in plain metal, insulated, two sided steel, and urethane core construction. These same construction options are available in stamped carriage garage doors as well.

Modern garage doors also have wood grain paint options which mimic natural wood doors without the maintenance problems. Since most carports are visible from the front of the house, a large stylish designer garage door will greatly improve the overall appearance of your house.

Entry Doors for Larger Carports

If you have a larger carport, an entry door can be added alongside the garage door. We carry Therma-Tru doors, which are metal or fiberglass foam core entry doors. Therma-Tru makes the highest quality entry doors with heavy duty wood internal frames, energy efficient urethane insulation, and many decorative low-E double pane window options. The wood grain fiberglass carport doors can be stained to perfectly match wood doors, to the point that nobody will be able to tell the difference. Many carports are open on more than one side. We often install windows on the sides of carports to allow more natural light.

Garage Doors by CSS

So, if you have an open carport and are considering adding garage doors to enclose your carport, contact CSS Garage Doors today. Let us provide you with an estimate so that you can increase your home’s security.