Sometimes, a little inspiration is just what we need to think outside our boxes and come up with an idea that is truly great. This occurrence is especially important when thinking about design and aesthetics. Disciplines like fashion and architecture are part logical deduction, part intuition and a great deal of simply trying something new and seeing how it works out.

If all of this musing seems a bit too lofty for a post about overhead garage doors, consider the fact that most homeowners take their garage door design for granted. The result is a lot of blandness, repetition and wasted potential for their homes to look beautiful from any angle.

Shake yourself out of this monotony by considering one of these amazing garage doors styles seen throughout Atlanta?s poshest neighborhoods:

Arched Window Stamped Steel Raised Panel Door

Stamped steel raised panel doors may be quite a common choice for homeowners, but that does not mean that they have to feel vanilla. A variety of colors and window designs lets you customize your overhead garage door styles to fit the look of your house.

For homes that want natural light and a great look from the curb, curved windows and stamped steel raised panel doors are an excellent fit.

Faux Finish Steel Doors

Want the strength of steel but the supple, warm tones of wood? Go for an overhead garage door that almost exactly mimics the look of hardwood grain that has been finished and oiled to perfection.

High-quality options like the Accents series make it nearly impossible for people standing at a distance to tell the faux wood finish from the real thing. We can even try to match any natural wood trim on your house for a coordinated look.

Recessed Panel Carriage House Doors

Without a doubt, carriage house garage doors are the next big thing when it comes to luxury homes. These designs mimic the beauty and timelessness of late 19th century carriage houses. Many even include accents that resemble wrought iron handles or hinges.

Among carriage house designs, a recessed panel look with square overhead windows makes a statement that is both modern and classic. Mix the colors of the panels for a two-toned look that really presents depth and personality.

Barn Door Style Carriage House Doors

Another popular style of carriage house doors reaches back to their agrarian roots. Stamped steel with the appearance of authentic barn door crossbeams and a convincing wood overlay or finish just might be the classiest-looking garage doors we have seen when used on the right home.

Doggy Door Garage Doors


While cutting a giant hole in your garage door doesn?t look great, it somehow makes the whole thing feel friendlier. After all, who wouldn?t want to be greeted by a dopey, friendly, furry disembodied face every time you pulled up to the garage?

As an added bonus, Fido gets to play security system when allowed in the garage, barking at any passersby who dare to come without shouting distance of your house.

Choose Your Own Favorite Atlanta Garage Door Styles

CSS can work with you to find the perfect door in one of these styles or any other of your choosing. The ultimate goal should be to provide the functionality you need while giving you a door you can be proud of.

Take a look at our different options and styles of overhead garage doors by visiting our installation services page.