Garage doors have a simple function, but their design is actually quite complex. When your overhead garage door starts performing strangely or stops working at all, it can be really difficult to troubleshoot your garage door and pinpoint the underlying cause of the problem. While this can narrow down your problem, it may help to learn about the most common garage door problems that owners face.

The Garage Door Does Nothing When You Press the Remote

Your first task with this symptom is to determine if the problem is with the garage door opener itself and not the remote. Try pressing the manual open/shut button and see if that works. If this is the case, replace your remote’s batteries or try recalibrating the frequency on your remote.

If the manual button does not work, your problem is most likely electrical. Have a garage door repair technician with experience in electrical work check your lines and equipment.

Door Gets Stuck Or Stops Closing and Reverses

Both of these issues indicate that something is either blocking the door from moving forward, or that something is holding it back.

With the latter symptom, where the door stops and reverse, this behavior happens because of something known as a close force safety mechanism. The mechanism reverses the door whenever it detects that more force than usual is required to shut the door.

For either problem, visually inspect the tracks for debris or bending. You can also look at the springs, pulleys, chain and other opener components. We want to urge you to not attempt to fix any problems you see unless it happens to be something simple like a pine cone jammed into the track.

Otherwise, take a picture of the damaged component and email an experienced garage door technician in Atlanta with a description of the problem.

Broken Springs and Cables

Overhead garage door springs will break over time, even if it takes several decades to do so. For older models, this likelihood means that garage door owners must take note of any performance issues.

An excessively-loud or erratically-moving garage door can mean that the extension springs no longer have the needed tension.

A garage door that requires more force to open than usual can mean that the overhead torsion spring has broken or that it is on its way out.

Broken cable issues may show similar symptoms. Visit the garage door troubleshooting page to identify commonly-replaced parts and determine if these are the source of your woes.

Bent Sectional Panels

Backed out of the garage a just a bit too early? Junior ran a little too eagerly for a football toss in the driveway? Has time just taken its toll on your overhead garage door?

Any of these common garage door problems can cause an unwanted curvature in your garage door. Bent garage doors open and close much more erratically. And they can actually become dangerous as people try to move them manually when the automatic opener is still running.

If you notice a bend or curves in your garage door, now may be the time for a full garage door replacement.

Getting the Best Garage Door Repair in Atlanta

If you have any problem with your garage door at all, do not hesitate to give us a call. Our expert Atlanta garage door repair services can identify the problem and fix your door as good as new.

Contact us today, and you can have your overhead garage door working again sooner than you expected.