And what do do about it…

Do the neighbor?s dogs start to howl every time you put your garage door up? Does your garage door terrify your children as it goes down?

If your garage door is squeaking so loud that the neighbors know all of your comings and goings, it?s time you do something about it.

Garage doors that squeak when they open or close, or garage doors that squeak when it is cold outside are a common problem. Squeaky garage doors can often be an easy fix for homeowners, or they could be an indication of more serious issues.

The best way to determine if you need a professional to repair your garage door is to first try lubricating the door yourself.

When you lubricate your garage door, you should use a Teflon or graphite based penetrating spray. WD-40 maybe be able to fix almost anything else, but it is not best to use as a garage door lubricant. You?ll want to use the Teflon or graphite lubricant spray on the track, the springs, and the cables.

If the squeaking garage door persists, that is an indication that you have larger issues looming and you should call a garage door repairman. If your garage door continues to squeak when you open or close it or makes unusual noises even after you have applied the appropriate lubricant, it may mean that you have garage door parts that are getting old and worn.

Don?t wait for the problem to get more serious. Contact a professional garage door repair service.

CSS Garage Door has been installing and servicing garage doors in North Atlanta since 2009. We?ve probably installed or repaired a garage door near you. Because of our lengthy experience, there probably is not an issue with a garage door that we haven?t seen.

So if you want to be able to leave the house without your squeaky garage door waking the neighborhood, give us a call and we?ll get your door peacefully opening and closing again.