The main difference between residential and commercial garage doors are in the name: one style is typically used for homes while the other is mostly seen in an industrial setting. However, the differences between the two don?t start and stop there.

In size and materials, residential garage doors are vastly different in comparison to commercial garage doors, though their main function remains the same. If you are curious to know the differences between these two types of doors, read on!

Garage Door Size

Typically, commercial garage doors are larger in size than for those you would find on any residential home. For instance, the average height of a residential garage door is seven feet, while the height of commercial garage doors can be much higher. This is because, for industrial purposes like loading and unloading, the door height needs to be larger in order to accommodate the vehicles.

If you need a garage with a higher height for your home, you could consider installing one on a separate garage. This would be a good storage area for larger trucks, trailers or RVs. Just make sure that this type of garage door is okay with your home owner?s association, if you have one, as many neighborhoods in the Atlanta-area do.

Materials Used

Unlike commercial doors, residential garage doors can be made with a large variety of materials. From metal to wood and everything in between, you can have almost any kind of custom garage door made in order to suit the style of your home. Different materials offer varying levels of security, so you might want to keep this in mind when choosing a new garage door for your home.

Typically, commercial garage doors are made with industrial metals because of their durability. With these kinds of doors, business owners can ensure the reliability of their doors and the security of the contents in their storage areas. Additionally, the metal-look of a commercial door usually suits the style of most industrial buildings. However, no matter the materials used, both kinds of doors require regular maintenance in order to stay in tip-top shape.

Additional Features

Like iron hinges and decorative handles, you can customize your residential garage door to add curb appeal to your home. While these additional features could be added to a commercial door, they just aren?t necessary.

Aside from aesthetics, structural strength can be added to residential doors to increase their strength. This is a good idea for areas that have particularly rough storms, like hurricanes. Commercial doors can be strengthened, but they usually don?t need to be.

In conclusion, residential garage doors offer homes the chance to enhance their curb appeal and even their security. While these doors are usually more appealing to the eye, commercial garage doors are more sturdy and allow for more opportunities as far as storage and convenience are concerned.

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