The main purpose of your automatic garage door opener is the convenience to remotely open your garage door. There are many factors to consider when determining the best automatic garage door opener for your home. What is your budget? How much noise is acceptable? How heavy is your door? Does your garage door opener have enough power? Should you consider an AC-power or DC-power option? What brand will be best?

The Importance of Style

There are three main styles of garage door openers driven by a chain, belt or screw. Here is a breakdown of each type.

Chain Drive Rail for Garage Door Opener

Chain Drive
Although this original style of automatic garage door opener is the most economical, it is noisy from the metal-on-metal vibrations that may also cause additional wear and tear on your garage door. This is a good option for a detached garage. Chain drive openers are typically paired with a basic ?-HP motor and are available with different torque and lift capabilities.

Belt Drive Rail for Garage Door Opener

Belt Drive
This style uses a rubber belt with steel strands that operates in much the same way as a chain drive opener. The rubber belt allows for a sleek, quieter operation with less vibration than a chain drive; however, the initial cost is higher. The belt drive opener will be paired with a ?-HP DC-powered motor for ultimate noise reduction coupled with maximum power.

Screw Drive Rail for Automatic Garage Door Opener

Screw Drive
With fewer moving parts and plastic-lined tracks, there is less noise than with a chain drive. This style of opener utilizes a large screw to raise and lower the garage door and offers lower overall maintenance costs. While this style of opener was popular in years past, we do not recommend a screw drive opener for new installations. We will, however, gladly service or repair your existing screw drive opener.

The Importance of Power

Power is another factor to consider in determining the best style of garage door opener for your home. While AC-powered motors were the only type available in the past, we now have high-tech DC-powered motors. These motor offer maximum power, noise reduction, smart-stop technology and battery back-up capabilities. In many cases, AC-powered garage door openers are sufficient and are the most economical purchase option while other units perform better with a DC-powered motor.

There is another important factor to consider regarding the power of a garage door opener. In the past, the buzzword ?horsepower? was used to provide insight into the lift capacity of an automatic garage door opener. With the advancement of technology, it is more important to consider the gears in the system when determining if the garage door opener is appropriate for your style of garage door. Let us help you determine which motor and drive system will be best suited to your needs.

Professional Installation is the Only Logical Choice

LDO50 Linear Automated Garage Door Opener

With so much time spent on the aesthetics of your garage door, it is important to put as much effort into choosing the appropriate garage door opener as well as choosing the best brand. Equally important is ensuring the automatic door opener is installed properly.

Whether you are installing a garage door for the first time or simply replacing your garage door opener, CSS is here to help you determine the best opener for you and to professionally install your new automatic garage door opener to ensure the best functionality for the life of your garage door!


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