All homeowners should understand how garage doors work so that they can recognize when there is a problem. Varying styles of garage doors might have different parts. However, the most common garage doors usually have the same pieces and operate similarly.

When your garage door is not working properly, it could compromise the safety of your home and family. Here is a brief overview of how garage doors work. This way, you can best understand all the aspects of your Atlanta home and maintain your house’s security.

Raised Panel Garage Door Parts

Raised panel garage doors are the most common types of doors you will find on many homes. Usually, these doors have similar parts and operate in the same fashion. When looking at the door from the inside, you will notice a number of tracks and pieces of hardware. Securely fasten your mounting hardware and support brackets to the ceiling of your garage.

Typically, the frame features two curved tracks on either side. The garage door slides on them when you open it. An emergency release rope can be located near the front of your door. This means you may safely operate the garage door when there is no power.

Torsion Springs vs. Extension Springs

Despite what many think, the springs on the door do most of the work, as opposed to the pulley system and operator (a device you might find near the center of your garage’s ceiling). Depending on the type of spring you might have on your garage door, the opening and closing functions might work a little differently.

The torsion spring, found horizontally above your door, relaxes and expands as you open and close your garage door. When the door opens, the springs unwind, transferring energy to lift the door. The opposite reaction happens when the door closes.

You’ll see extension springs on either side of your door on the containment cables. They attach to the bottom of the door’s corners. As the garage door closes, these cables stretch. So when the door opens, the springs tighten to bring the door up.

Typically, the operator of the garage ensures that the door will not go slamming down to the ground. Both systems need to work properly in order to safely and efficiently raise and lower your garage door.

What to Look for in Damage

Due to the different pieces that make up a garage door, it is important to have good garage door maintenance. Most garage doors rely so heavily on springs. Therefore, these pieces of metal can wear away over time. Especially for extension springs, it is important to make sure that these springs are not eroding or losing their slack. Either could result in your garage door not working properly.

When considering how garage doors work, it is also important to grease the tracks in which the door slides well. Does your garage make a horrible screeching sound when you open and close it? Then you probably need to have these tracks greased. Notice that any hinges or mounting pieces are coming loose? Tighten them well to assure the utmost safety for you and your family.

Are you curious about how garage doors work, or how you can improve the components of your door? If so, please contact us today at CSS garage doors to learn more about garage door ownership in Atlanta.