Choosing a garage door opener for your home can be difficult since there are so many different brands and types out there nowadays. At CSS Garage Doors in Atlanta, we are proud to offer a variety of only quality-brand door openers to our customers, so that choosing one is a little less difficult. There are differences between Chamberlain and LiftMaster openers for your garage door, but they both come with powerful and cost effective performances.

Chamberlain Garage Door Openers

With Chamberlain, you can choose between either belt drive or chain drive openers. The type of opener you choose should depend on your garage. But no matter the model of Chamberlain garage door opener you pick, they all deliver a powerful performance that you can depend on.

Every single one of their current belt drive models is smart phone capable, so that you can open your garage door with the touch of a button on your phone. Most of their chain drive openers have this same feature, but even if they don?t, you can still operate the opener with a traditional remote. Most models feature lights for safety and convenience when you are working in your garage.

LiftMaster Garage Door Openers

LiftMaster has their garage door openers sectioned off into three different categories: Elite Series, Premium Series and Contractor Series. Like the Chamberlain garage door openers, each and every model is reliable in performance, but there is more room to pick a higher-grade opener with LiftMaster.

For instance, their Elite Series models are packed with power and multiple capabilities. With battery backup, Wi-Fi connectivity and security options, your garage door will be as secure and dependable as possible. Though they are a little simpler, LiftMaster?s Premium and Contractor Series models can offer similar features and the same level of reliability.

Chamberlain vs Liftmaster: Choosing What’s Right for You

If you have a detached garage, you could probably get away with buying a chain drive opener. They are sturdy and rugged, which is perfect for secure and reliable use. Most choose to put a belt drive opener in their attached garage on their homes, however. This is because belt drives operate in a smoother and quieter fashion than chain drive openers.

Despite the differences between Chamberlain and LiftMaster openers, all the models that are offered will perform as they should. If you want a machine with more convenient capabilities, you could opt for a higher-end LiftMaster model. But if you are looking for a simple and durable opener that will get the job done, Chamberlain could be the way to go.

To choose what?s best for you, you just have to consider what kind you think would be best for your garage. If you have a heavier door, you might want a model that has more power. Or if you leave for work earlier in the morning and don?t want to wake the entire household by opening the garage, a belt drive might be the best solution.

Are you a homeowner in the Atlanta area who is looking for a new garage door opener? At CSS Garage Doors, we can help you choose and install the best model for your home. Visit our website or contact us today for more information on all the different types of garage door openers we offer.