Sure, garage doors might be prioritized for their utility but their awesome features don’t stop there. Carriage garage doors offer an array of stylistic and functional benefits alike, existing as one of the modern homeowner’s most-sought-after garage additions.

What is a Carriage Garage Door?

It’s a good question, because carriage garage doors have come a long way. These doors combine distinctive, old-fashioned barn-house door designs with contemporary appeal.

Crafted from superior insulated steel and harmonious wood blends, carriage house garage doors offer an exemplary mix of durability and style. Carriage house garage doors are doors designed to look like swinging doors. These doors were spawned by the early 19th and 20th centuries, but they’ve come a long way.

Today’s carriage garage door styles have adopted the regular up-and-down movements of typical garage doors. They look like they’re to be swung open but they functionally serve to be quickly, and safely, lifted and lowered.

The Design

Carriage house garage doors vary greatly in style, but their core design tends to be a constant across various products. Firstly, they’re often made with a metal frame and wooden panel overlays. Designed to appear similar to classic barn doors, most even have decorative hardware, handles, and brackets to enhance their overall feel and appeal.

Carriage garage doors are available with different amounts of insulation, assuring that homeowners get the energy, durability, and efficiency levels suitable to their garage’s design, insulation and overall use.

Paired with this customization potential are a carriage garage door’s decorative window options. Between low-end and high-end carriage garage doors, many offer multi-panel windows which span across the garage door’s upper length. These windows are available in custom designs and styles, too, so homeowners can obtain the perfect barn-house style without sacrificing energy efficiency.

It’s All About the Overlay

Carriage house garage doors are frequently defined by their outward appearance, of course. For this reason, the many available designs can be field stained with woodgrain and even painted. These options apply to a carriage garage door’s custom overlaywhich is the wooden material sheet which covers the entire door.

The Right Time for a Carriage Garage Door

Carriage house garage doors might prioritize an old-time, classic design but they’re excellent additions to any home with a wide garage. They’re adaptable, stylistically, and can boost a home’s curb appeal value significantly.

Homeowners concerned with durability and wind-resistance, frequently, opt for carriage house garage doors as their durable materials, insulation and ease of repair and cleaning make them both cost efficient and safe year-round.

Plus, carriage garage doors offer incredible natural lighting. Homeowners can pass up costly interior garage door lighting styles to achieve a warmer, more natural, feeling.

Whether you’re opting for a painted, white finish door with crossbuck panels, a classic black-and-red woodgrain-bracket design or simply want a wide door boasting the awesome visibility of plain glass panels carriage house garage doors are definitely a solid choice. Check out the many available options today, and achieve the home look of your dreams with professionally installed, long-lasting carriage garage doors.