The north Atlanta area has its share of older homes. From the historic to the simply elegant, these homes are a delight to behold. However, their age often means that the designer did not design the house with a garage or protection for the modern-day commuter. Rather, the most advanced option for vehicle parking many of these homes have is a carport. Some may consider adding a garage door for a carport.

Can You Put a Garage Door on a Carport?

Many people are finding that a carport is not enough security for their home. They are opting instead to have a closed garage with garage doors. They are choosing garage doors that match the architecture of their home no matter the style of the residence. However, there are often an assortment of concerns about the transition and beyond.

Is it cost effective?

According to sites such as Angies List, standard conversion for a single car carport to a single car garage can range between $8,000 and $10,000. This will vary depending on the products used, the size of the garage, thickness of garage door insulation, and the type of garage door opener. Converting a double carport to a garage will be more, in fact, anticipate it being closer to $25,000.

Will the garage doors work with my home’s architectural style?

There are many styles available in the garage doors of today, so no matter the look of your home’s exterior, you are sure to find garage doors that work for your home’s appearance.

What additional features are available?

Depending on the size of the carport, you can add other features such as shelving, a laundry area, a workspace, or any other element swapping a carport for a garage.

Where is the carport located?

The type of garage and materials used can be affect by what walls of the main house the carport shares. In situations where the carport shares a wall with a kitchen, the builders will need to construct a wall the opposite side of the new garage. The contractor may need to build wall materials and possibly flooring if the garage is located on a side of the home where drainage is insufficient.

What about safety?

If there is a living space above your carport, the garage will need a fire rated wall or ceiling. In addition, the contractor will need to make sure the garage doors are fire resistant and spring-loaded, rather than a roll up garage door, so it closes automatically.

What is allowed and who does what?

Before beginning any type of building project, take time to follow up on any HOA rules, and to find out whether you, the builder or garage door team is responsible for getting the building permit. As for the HOA, this will vary from place to place. Of course, if your home is on the historical registry, then you will need to check with them as well.

What about time of year?

As expected, there are certain times of the year that are better for converting a carport to a garage. Quite often, the busiest time of year will be spring and fall, so if you can wait, you may often get a better price and more flexible build schedule by choosing to make the conversion in one of the off seasons. It should be noted, however, that a winter build might require the builders to use small space heaters or tarps to keep out inclement weather.

Can any carport be converted into a garage?

Not necessarily. This will depend greatly on the height and width of the existing carport. Sometimes the older homes have smaller carports and renovating them to install a garage door in lieu of a carport can be a significant challenge and it may be difficult to make the conversion look seamless or as though it were part of the original design.

Is one type of garage door better for carports than another?

This often is based more on budget, building codes and your design than anything else. However, a good choice when opting for a garage door for a carport is the roll up garage door.

Like any home renovation project, there are always pros and cons to consider.


  • A garage/garage doors mean that your vehicles have full protection from the elements of the Georgia weather.
  • A garage door offers an additional level of home security.
  • When properly insulated, your garage is the perfect place to work, or provide extra storage. Plus, you can close the doors on the garage to keep curious eyes and hands away.
  • Typically, people find a garage more attractive than a carport.
  • Converting to a garage rather than a carport will add value to your home especially when the contractor makes the conversion complement the existing architecture.


  • Adding a garage can be pricey, due to both the materials and labor needed.
  • There are strict building requirements for a garage, regarding the materials, building process and needed fire-rated building materials.

Contact CSS Garage Doors for a Garage Door for Your Carport

Converting your carport to a garage is a great way to update the look of  your Atlanta area home. If you have additional questions about a garage door for a carport to garage conversion, be sure to contact the pros at CSS Garage Doors. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you in the decision process.