Replacing Your TorqueMaster Garage Door Springs

fancy garage doorThe Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster system was designed in an attempt to improve the torsion spring system. There are some similarities, and they work the same way as any kind of garage door spring. Replacing TorqueMaster garage door springs are a bit more complicated than other springs. Here’s what you need to know.

How the TorqueMaster System works

Your garage door may have one or two TorqueMaster garage door springs, depending on the size and weight of the door. The springs are enclosed inside a torsion tube, and you can’t see the coils. They were designed this way for safety, to reduce some of the risks of replacing garage door springs.

The system uses drums mounted on each end of the spring bar/torsion tube. As the garage door goes up, the springs wind tighter and the cables wind on the drums. When the door goes down, the springs stretch and the cables are released. The springs counterbalance the weight of the door and provide the mechanical energy necessary to easily raise and lower the door.

You can wind the springs manually to the proper tension using an electric drill for older models or ‘a socket wrench and socket for newer models. Calibrating the doors to the right tension is decided by the weight of the door. In a one-spring system, the spring winder will be on the right side. If your door has two springs, you must wind the right side first.

How long will TorqueMaster springs last?

TorqueMaster springs and cables are smaller than torsion or extension springs used in other garage door opener systems, and require more winding to create enough tension to work properly. The extra winding weakens the metal faster than other systems, and the springs won’t last as long. With typical use, you can expect TorqueMaster springs to last about 3,500 up/down cycles. If you open and close your garage door twice a day, that’s a maximum lifep of roughly 5 years, compared to about 14 years for torsion or extension springs.

Repairing TorqueMaster Garage Door Springs

Since the springs are inside a torsion tube, you won’t be able to see when a spring breaks, but you’ll know, because your garage door will be heavy and difficult to lift. Your garage door opener won’t be able to pull it more than a few inches, and it will be hard for you to lift manually. You may also see the cables sagging.

If you think your garage door springs are broken, never try to use your electric opener. Opening a broken garage door with an electric opener will only cause more damage to your garage door and opener.

Older model TorqueMaster springs have a gearbox, and gears are no longer made for this model. While you can still get replacement springs, you’ll be better off replacing the entire lift assembly if your springs are the original style. Converting TorqueMaster springs is more expensive than replacing the springs alone, because more parts are required.

While Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster springs are designed to be safer and easier to replace, we strongly recommend having a trained garage door technician repair and replace any kind of garage door springs. It’s a dangerous job that can result in damage, injury, or death if you don’t have the proper tools and training.