Raynor produces a wide range of garage door products for both commercial and residential use. If you are purchasing a Raynor garage door system, then CSS Garage Doors is the perfect team to install it for you. We also specialize in full service repairs for all Raynor garage door products.

Buying a Raynor

From garage door panels to powerful openers, Raynor carries an large line of products. They currently sell 7 different models for residential customers ranging in price and power.

  • Standard Models: Their current line includes one chain-drive and one belt drive that both come with the average ? HP motor. These models both come with one-year parts warranty and a four-year motor warranty.
  • Deluxe Models: Includes both the Pilot and Aviator Models with enhanced features like a MyQ? Technology and a steel-reinforced polyurethane belt.
  • Premium Models: Raynor?s line of advanced openers come with ? HP motors that are significantly stronger and longer-lasting than average motors, coming with a full 5-year warranty.

Raynor also manufactures a wide range of garage door panels if your home is need of an upgrade or replacement. These styles can be custom-tailored to the look of your home or order in any of their standard packages as steel polyurethane frames (Innovation Series) or polystyrene (Tradition Series).

Installing Your Raynor Unit

If you are homeowner in the Atlanta area looking for a reliable team to install your Raynor Product, look no further than CSS Garage Doors. Our trained technicians the most experienced garage door experts in the area and we can perform a full-service installation or repair to transform your home?s garage door. Give us a call today at 678-884-9466!