Pella Brand of Garage Doors (Sold at Lowes)Pella is one of the most widely installed garage door brands in the U.S. thanks to being the in-house brand for Lowes. While Pella is the brand for all Lowes garage doors, it’s also sold through some other garage door dealers. These doors can’t be purchased directly from the manufacturer. It’s easy to find replacement parts and accessories at a local store for your Lowes garage doors rather than waiting on shipping from the supplier. We not only install new Pella garage doors, we also offer full maintenance and repair services on them.

Pella Garage Doors for All Tastes and Budgets

Unlike other brands that only focus on either low or high end designs, Pella offers various lines to meet all budgets and style preferences. Their Thermastar by Pella Sutherland and Onslow doors offer traditional or carriage door beauty while costing far less than the competition for a similar style.

If you’re dreaming of a high-end full view door, the Ventura line will give you the ultra-modern look without breaking your budget. You can even find real wood combined with durable aluminum at top of the Pella garage doors selection at a lower price than from other national manufacturers. After over 90 years of industry experience, Pella has also developed a dedication to customer service that can make the door selection and customization process much easier for homeowners.

Homeowners with Pella garage doors have reported that the durable springs that come with the installation kit last longer than expected, reducing the need for repairs as the door ages. The manufacturer also offers more customization options than many other national level suppliers, allowing you to get exactly the shape, size, and style of door you want without having to pay extra for custom work.

The main complaint from customers regarding the quality of these doors involves the hinges, which apparently can snap easily even only under regular pressure from the weight of the door. This is a common complaint for all the national garage door brands, so our installers can add heavy duty universal hinges to ensure this isn’t an issue for you. The majority of today’s Lowes garage doors available from Pella all feature at least one layer of insulation, potentially saving you money on both heating and cooling the rest of your home. Vinyl, aluminum, steel, and wood garage doors are all available in different styles from Pella.

Matching the Right Opener

When ordering Lowes garage doors, you’ll need to either commit to hand operation or purchase an electric garage door opener. There are no Pella garage door openers since the manufacturer only produces the doors. The garage door you order won’t include an opener, but it’s easy enough to add one during professional installation or later after a few months of manual use.

Any brand that offers an opener that can handle the width and weight of the door you choose will work, but some garage door openers are definitely better than others. Pella recommends Liftmaster garage door openers since they’re the biggest supplier in the U.S. We recommend Linear openers for their lifetime warranty and reduced maintenance requirements. Regardless of the opener you choose, we can make sure it will work with your Pella door and install it properly so it’s safe and easy to use.

Pella is a great company to trust for garage doors in North Atlanta since they offer plenty of designs built to withstand warping from direct sun, high heat, and humid conditions. Call us today at 678-884-9466 to discuss your options for installing a brand new Pella garage door or to schedule maintenance for your current door.