There are dozens of companies that manufacture garage door openers. As an Atlanta homeowner, there’s a big chance that your home will end up with a product that is manufactured by a company with regional or local distribution like Linear, LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Craftsman, or Genie. While these are the most popular brands, you might be using a product or model that’s slightly less common.

Our team of garage door professionals has serviced thousands of openers, so we have the experience to solve your garage problems no matter how obscure the brand or model is. We specialize in both installation and repairs for all garage door openers and we guarantee a commitment to professionalism and expert service.

Some of the brands below are not commonly found in Atlanta homes, but our team can find replacement parts to get your garage door back up and running:

Xtreme Garage
This brand is sold by Menard s, a hardware chain based in the Midwest. While you can still purchase these models online, we rarely recommend this brand because parts tend to be of low quality. If you need service or repairs on an Xtreme opener, then you can always call the CSS Garage Door team.

This company does not distribute many products in the Atlanta area, but we still find some homes with Guardian openers. These models are usually easy to install, but many customers complain about electrical issues, especially with beeping noises or malfunctioning remote controls.

This German brand manufactures garage door openers that are very popular in some areas, but fairly uncommon in the Southeast. Our technicians have generally found Marantec openers to be slightly buggy and sometimes hampered with mechanical problems. We do not usually recommend this brand for new purchases, but can assist with installation or service.

This company is one of the biggest hardware companies in the US, but they no longer manufacture garage door openers. Some older homes still have Stanley models and our team can help you find the parts to get it working again.

Like Marantec, Sommer is also a German company without much local distribution in the Atlanta area. Still, every year we find dozens of homeowners that need installation or repairs for their Sommer products. Because these models use a unique opening system, they typically require professional installation, in which case CSS Garage Doors is your dedicated service team.

All in all, we typically recommend that homeowners purchase a Linear garage door opener before looking into the brands above. With decades of experience in the garage door industry, we know which brands are the most reliable. Again and again, Linear products have proven to outlast and outperform many competing garage door openers and all of our technicians carry these products on our trucks for on-site replacements.

Even if you own a less common model like those described above, our team probably has the parts and equipment to get it back in working order. With a simple call to CSS Garage Doors, our team can handle any of your service or installation needs. Contact us today at 678-884-9466!