Linear is our most highly recommended brand for garage door openers. Though the company sometimes sells its products under the name Nortek, our team has years of experience both installing and servicing these openers.

Why Linear Is Our #1 Garage Door Opener

After years of on-the-job experience, CSS Garage Doors has found that Linear models offer the highest standard in user friendliness, reliability and parts compatibility. These models require very little maintenance and almost always outlast the average garage door opener. The company also offers a lifetime warranty on nearly all motors, which is another great reason to purchase a Linear model.LDCO800-Full

Linear may not have the popularity or product recognition that other brands do, but the company has continued to manufacture a product that is more reliable than anything else on the market. For that reason, Linear is our #1 garage door opener that we recommend to all homeowners. The company makes a variety of products that are available in belt-drive or chain-drive models and they typically come with basic features like wireless remote controls and mounted keypads.

Service and Installation

Our garage door professionals have the expertise to fix any problem you might be having with your garage door or Linear opener. If your garage door opener is in need of an immediate replacement, then we can solve your problems on the spot, as we always carry brand new Linear models onboard all of our trucks. We also have specific parts and equipment that can fix any minor or major problems that are keeping your garage door opener from running properly.

If you have already installed a Linear garage door opener in your home and are now running into minor problems, then call our team for no-hassle service on your garage door.

CSS Garage Doors can also do professional installation at an unbeatable price when you call our team at 678-884-9466. If you have never installed a garage door opener, then the process can be hazardous and confusing. Our team can install your new Linear model in just a few hours for guaranteed reliability for years to come.

Contact a garage door expert today for more information about purchasing a Linear garage door opener or for professional service!