Genie LogoThousands of homes in the Atlanta area use a garage door opener manufactured by Genie. This is one of the largest garage door brands in the country and carries both a do-it-yourself line and a professional series. If you currently own a Genie garage door opener or need help installing a new one, then CSS Garage Doors is your solution to affordable and expert service.

As a whole, our technicians have found that newer models generally have lower-quality parts than older Genie models do. For that reason, if you are looking to upgrade or replace your current garage door opener, we typically recommend buying a model manufactured by a company like Linear. Still, many of the older Genie models are in good condition and have provided years of functionality with occasional service.

Genie?s professional series is typically superior to their do-it-yourself models. The professional series usually offers longer warranties and higher-quality mechanical components, so if you do purchase a Genie opener, we always recommend a professional model.

Service and Installation

You can purchase Genie garage door openers online or in-store through various retailers, so many model-4064_v01
homeowners will purchase the product themselves and then call us for professional installation. Even for do-it-yourself models, garage door installation is an intensive process and you should always trust an expert with this kind of job. When we install your Genie garage door opener, we will make sure that it is installed professionally so that you get the maximum value and life out of your purchase.

Genie openers often run into minor electrical or mechanical issues down the road, so when you need service, a CSS Garage Door technician is always available. Maybe your garage remote control no longer works or the opener does not allow the garage door to close all the way. In any case, our team has the expertise and equipment to fix your garage door problems.

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