CHI Overhead Doors LogoGarage doors manufactured by C.H.I. are only sold through authorized installers, so they’re not quite as widely known as brands like Pella and Amarr that are sold through major retailers. However, don’t let your unfamiliarity with C.H.I. garage doors keep you from considering them for your home. This manufacturer produces some of the most well-designed and heavily built garage doors available, making them a great choice for challenging North Atlanta conditions where summer storms and high humidity are guaranteed. Of course, you’ll always have to spend a little more for the highest quality garage door, but the durability of C.H.I. garage doors makes them well worth the investment.

Tough Garage Doors for Challenging Climates

This manufacturer’s focus on quality has been a guiding focus for the business since its inception. All doors are made from fiberglass, natural wood, and steel with no vinyl?used for facades and aluminum only used for molding on full-glass designs. C.H.I. garage doors come in 12 different product lines, including:

  • Skyline Flush, a modern style with eight powder-coated color options and unique geometric window designs
  • High Definition Fiberglass, classical garage doors combining the durability of solid fiberglass with the stylishness of finely molded patterns
  • Stamped and Overlay Carriage House, two different lines offering long-lasting carriage house beauty without the usual maintenance requirements
  • Full View Aluminum, the manufacturer’s?version of the highly popular full-glass garage door trend.

Between the various garage door lines and the color and style options available for customizing each of them, you’re guaranteed to find a design that fits your home’s style. All of their current products feature some amount of insulation to control heat and noise transfer and most feature customization options to include as much insulation as you need. Homeowners who have installed the doors report feeling like they got a heavier, stronger, better designed?door than what the competition offered. Yet keep in mind that a heavier door requires a stronger garage door opener. When you choose CSS Garage Doors as your installers, we’ll make sure that any garage door openers installed are properly sized to work with the garage door you choose. Customers also state the generous warranty periods offered by the company as a driving force behind their purchase.

One complaint about C.H.I. garage doors from current owners involves the faux wood finishing they offer for clients who don’t want to deal with painting and maintaining real wood. Like most faux woods, the designs on these garage doors are often criticized for looking unrealistic when examined up close. However, this is true of all of the major manufacturers. If you’re concerned about getting the most realistic looking finish, consider one of the real wood overlays offered by C.H.I.

When comparing C.H.I. vs Clopay garage doors in particular, most reviewers consider the C.H.I. garage doors the winner for quality and style. However, there is a higher price associated with this brand than with other national manufacturers. While you certainly get what you’re paying for by choosing C.H.I., there are budgeting considerations to take in account before choosing them. You’ll save money on the long-run for maintenance and repairs by choosing a more durable door, but this may not matter as much to you as the upfront cost if you’re planning to sell your home soon.

We highly recommend C.H.I. doors. Check out what they have to offer on their website, then give us a call at?678-884-9466 to discuss your options. We’ll make sure your new garage door is installed right the first time and keep it looking like new for years to come.