Amarr Brand Garage Doors LogoAmarr garage doors are some of the most highly rated models available on a national level. Thanks to attention to detail and superior materials, these doors offer plenty of advanced features over a wide range of price points. There is a garage door from Amarr to fit every budget, exterior style, and custom opening size. As the in-house brand of Costco garage doors, it’s easy to find a local distributor to work with. The CSS Garage Doors team is happy to install and repair all Amarr garage doors, regardless of the style or material.

Metal and Aluminum Amarr Garage Doors

While Amarr does offer some top-of-the-line custom wood models, the majority of their Costco garage doors are manufactured from durable steel and aluminum. Aluminum is slightly more lightweight for fast opening and closing, but steel is unbeatable in its durability and security. Either way, all the lines of Amarr garage doors available through Costco are made to last for years, even with active families and tough summer storms. The Amarr design lines include:

  • Carriage Court, full of classic carriage door styles to match historic and vintage homes
  • Olympus, high R-value levels to lower your energy bills at a surprisingly affordable price
  • Stratford and Lincoln, two traditional lines that combine the strength of steel with ample insulation
  • Horizon, ultra-modern designs that are mostly glass for maximum natural lighting.

Safety, Durability, and Design Options

Garage doors from Amarr include many features designed to increase their user-friendliness, safety, and durability. For example, all Amarr models include SafeGuard hinges and brackets that prevent injuries from manual operation of the door. These hinges cover the pinch points open on other garage doors. Each door is made with triple or quadruple layer construction to resist the warping effects of heating and cooling cycles.

Owners of these doors commonly cite the many design options as a primary reason they choose Amarr garage doors. From modifications to the size and shape of the door to options for rearranging the windows however you like, there’s no need to settle for a standard look. When compared to Pella and other popular brands, Amarr stands out for offering the durability of metal construction at all price points, while the competition primarily reserves those materials for high-end lines. Amarr also tends to offer a wider range of individual price points than some competitors, allowing you to find the perfect style while staying within your budget.

Designed to Withstand the Challenges of the Southeast

There are also plenty of reasons to choose Amarr garage doors for a home in North Atlanta. High humidity and heat waves can be hard on wood and vinyl doors, but steel and aluminum garage doors resist warping and swelling in these conditions. Summer storms and even the occasional tropical storm can create plenty of wind load on the home. Amarr offers plenty of frame reinforcement options to help their garage doors meet all local wind load requirements.

Choosing Amarr Garage Door Openers

You can choose from two different Amarr garage door openers to create a complete set from a single manufacturer. Both the Amarr 840 and 860 openers offer 800 newtons of lifting force and are smart Wi-Fi enabled to allow you to control the door from any distance. The company also recommends and sells LiftMaster and Linear openers for doors that are too large or wide for these devices to lift. If you’re not sure which garage door opener will work best for a specific door, our experts here at CSS Garage Doors are happy to help.